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The Evolution of Post Production

29 Nov 2023
Post Production Forum - 29 November
The panelists in this session hone in on some of the specific issues impacting post-production businesses. Debating whether there are signs of a genuine edit war with the editing software manufacturers, editing software of choice, and whether clients are starting to show preference to specialist boutiques that excel in a single aspect of post-production rather than attempt to be all singing, all dancing full-service post providers. Are the post-house habits of clients changing to favour boutique specialists or is there the same ongoing demand for all post-production services to be handled by a single provider? This session also investigates the good and bad of AI for post-production – where it's proven to be useful and whether fears of AI/automation taking over key roles in post are likely to become reality? 
Max Miller, Senior Reporter - Broadcast Tech & Sport Group
Cara Kotschy, Managing Director & Co-Founder - Residence Pictures
George Panayiotou, Business Director - Films at 59
Marc Risby, Managing Director - DigiBox
Charlotte Layton, CCO - Racoon


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